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Do you need a financial coach?

A financial coach is a money coach, someone who can help you achieve what you want with your money by offering guidance and support when you’re managing your finances.

Financial coaches can help you improve your financial health by taking a holistic look at your finances.

Throughout a session, or perhaps even across multiple sessions, a financial coach will try to help you establish what your current financial situation is, and where you want to be in the future.

Your coach may also try to help you understand some of the psychology behind your own financial decisions, with the ultimate goal being to give you a sense of purpose and empowerment over your relationship with money.

Financial coaches have access to a range of resources and often have experience working with people from all walks of life, having built up a network of their own clients over a number of years.

In combination, this allows them to make suggestions to help you gain greater knowledge and a better overall understanding of your finances and your entire financial situation.


Over the last few years, I had the pleasure of working with tens of clients, give workshops and share on podcasts about the importance of being educated around our finances and most importantly on how we spend our time. It is my true belief that, with a little care and intentional work, we all can live a rich and fulfilling life, doing work that we love, organising it around our lifestyle and our own needs and being able to take good care of ourselves and others.


My wife and I both are self employed and run our own small businesses With so much to do and a family we can get very complacent and chaotic with our spending and prioritising hopes and dreams for our financial future.

Using Elena’ services had been an amazing experience in getting clarity and setting goals for the future with my partner. We have managed to streamline out financial life and build towards a prosperous future for our family.

I would highly recommend Elena to anyone wanting to grow and develop their financial awareness.

Karim B.


"Elena has been a game-changer for me in terms of gaining clarity about my business, and my spending and as a consequence working with me to gain clarity over all my spending and accounting both business and personal. She has helped me achieve what I have been struggling to achieve for years, ie real clarity about my money. Without this information it's futile trying to make decisions about my financial life. She has been instrumental in helping me through these tasks that I struggle with.

I have found regular meetings one to one have really helped us move forward with confidence and clarity.

Andy C

Thank you for working with me. It has been a hugely rewarding and satisfying process, especially that I did not believe I could ever do weekly planning, do regular sessions and I didn’t even know how much I needed to implement a system which will help me organise my life. I really hope that I build on the excitement of feeling in control, peaceful and knowing that various areas in my life are being taken care of, and not neglected.

Production Designer

The session today was truly transformational, you opened me up to what I’m passionate about and my experience, and helped me get present to showing up with an open heart and connecting to integrity.

Gemma S
Makeup artist

Elena is warm and friendly.
She helps me by keeping me accountable, helping me to understand my figures, and is a constant source of support.
Working with her has meant that I have been able to keep on track in my business and manage my financial life better.
She is an invaluable asset and contributor to my financial well being which is why I continue to work with her.
Arnhel D

Under Elena’s mentorship, I was able to begin that process—looking at my figures, first on a granular level, addressing bills and spending—and then, deciding on a broader long-term goal(s).I now have clarity on my spending. I’m also debt free (despite my not having worked for the last year) through learning how to budget and a more open-minded approach to generating income. My relationship with money has changed too—the tools I’ve learnt about from working with Elena have positively impacted my relationship with others, and best of all, has given me great self-belief.

Claudia D


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I’m a business owner, financial and time management coach and I help creators and business owners alike to better manage their money and especially their time. I’m passionate about all things made with mindfulness, yoga and running at the same time. Being part of a community plays an important role in my life.

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