Financial and time management coaching

This is for you if you need to improve your money management skills and would like to efficiently use your time without needing to divide in two 

find a spiritual guide to lead a happy and fulfilling life

What to expect

Together we will start by looking at your bank statements and your calendar. How do you spend your time and money? 

This will inform us on what your current values are and then shift them in the direction of your ideal value system. 

With this process, we will free up some of your cash to be directed to the activities that you like the most, and your time to invest it in those activities that uplift you with the people that bring you most of the joy.  

--> The result of our session will see you being fully equipped with a system that works. 

You will be in control of your outgoings and your calendar will reflect your priorities. 

Each session is tailor made for each client. Every client has different needs and the initial (free) session will help us assess your particular needs. The price for each session is £75 and it can be done in person (London) at your own place, at my office in Paddington (London) or via zoom. We will sign up a contract and each session will be characterized by a pact of confidentiality.



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With each session you will learn how to

  • Declutter your calendar
  • Gain financial clarity
  • Match your expenses with your values and your vision
  • Use your calendar to create the life you most like 
  • Let go of the invites that don't excite you
  • Create a system to work for you
  • Build a structure that will help you review your goals and intentions
  • Make self-care a non-negotiable practice
  • Learn to reflect, adjust and rest

What we'll practice

  • Look at your bank statements and cancel those DD that are not aligned with your needs anymore
  • Find pockets of money that will be used for other purposes 
  • Work through your calendar and say no to those activities that don't excite you
  • Building a support system to help you with your everyday tasks 
  • Match your values and vision to your calendar
  • Review and create a habit of reviewing your week and month and being able to prioritise those tasks that are really important to you