Setting an intention for a new phase in your life

Whether is the beginning of a year, the start of a project, the start of a relationship (work or personal), setting an intention usually helps you stay focused and on point. 

I don’t know the mechanics behind, but it works great all the time!

Just the simple act of stopping and having to think about what your intention is in a specific situation will help you guide your forces and energies to accomplish or put into actions the values that you believe in. 

Setting an intention will contribute to 

  • Having a clearer idea of how you want to show up for in a specific situation and/or over a period of time. 
  • Will keep you on track when it comes to difficult decisions in the middle of a project, period of time. 
  • Will guide your overall actions and reflect your values. 
  • Will help you stay true to yourself 

How to set an intention 

There are a couple of ways you could go about setting an intention. 

One of these might be just simply journaling on paper the specific situation and then asking yourself how would you like to show up to that specific situation/experience/period. 

I’d highly recommend to spend some time in quiet meditation or, if you are not used to this type of activity, just simply breathe deeply for a couple of minutes and find your way into the present moment. Ask your mind to relax for the next couple of breaths, and allow yourself to tune in with your intuition. 

Once you are in a space where you feel relaxed and in tune with your breath, start putting down on paper the situation, having in mind the fact that you would like to set an intention for that specific scenario. 

How to use the intention over a period of time/during an experience 

As with everything in life, we need reminders of what is meaningful so that we don’t lose ourselves into the world of distractions we are presented with in our day to day life. As I wrote in one of my first posts on this blog, living with intention is essential for us today as life is trying to throw at us all types of experiences. 

Don’t be distracted or overwhelmed by the amount. Instead, try to find your inner balance and come back to your own truth. How do you want to show up in this particular relationship/situation or over the next couple of months? 

Be it the end of the year/beginning of a new one, or any other occasion, or simply a desire to reset, setting an intention will hight boost your productivity and will keep you on track over a period of time. 

Don’t ignore this simple exercise. Block some time in your calendar and do some journaling. Try and find for yourself. How do you want to show up this next year? What is your intention? 

Example of intentions:

  • This year I will show up with integrity to the things I say I will do 
  • This year I will focus on this part of my character and change this aspect of it 
  • I set the intention to show up with love and respect towards myself and others 
  • I commit to respecting my boundaries when it comes to work and colleagues. I will speak my truth and not let others cross my boundaries.
  • In this relationship I choose to respect my … (partner/friend/colleague/parent/child) and allow them to be themselves. I will practice active listening and not giving unsolicited advice. 
  • Today I set the intention to accept whatever is coming my way and proactively take responsibility of the things I am able to change 
  • I intend to forgive my past and accept my flaws as a sign of my humanness.

Need some more guidance on how to set an intention? Get in touch and let’s work together.