How to own your power and show up to life

step into your power and show up to life

Did you ever find yourself noticing the difference between taking an action when you own your inner power vs when you are not really convinced about it? 

For sure I did! I know that when I fully embrace the power, that which supports my life and moves the planets, that which creates through me, I feel on the top of the world. There is no fear to block my soul’s expression. Creating from that place becomes easy and natural. A spiritual experience is nothing else than acknowledging the presence of the power and accept it as your true nature.

Oftentimes I hear saying “Sit in meditation like you mean it!” or “ show life you mean business”, or “write this piece of article as you’d be the best at it”. The truth is that feeling confident does not mean being cocky or presumptuous. If anything is a birthright that we have to own. 

Stepping into your power

When we fully embrace our true essence, confidence in what we do becomes part of who we are. We don’t have to think about it, about how to become more confident. It is who we are, what we are made of. Our true nature is free to be manifested. From that place, intuitions come much more easily and the power to create and to show up to life’s tasks is overflowing us. 

As Marianne Williamson says:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

Why should you cultivate that awareness and create space and confidence in your life? 

Space, as I intend it here, is the place between the thoughts, which might say what they want to say, and that true essence of ours. In that essence, confidence lies. It is free-flowing. We don’t have to struggle to find it, but we have to relax into it. There is nobody to impress and nothing to prove from that place. All one can hear is the voice of intuition. You cannot miss that.

The space between our thoughts, feelings and our inner essence is what gives us the ability to disidentify with the personality which has been developing in early years of our childhood and a result of social influences. Being more aware of it will give you the opportunity to follow through with that is truly meaningful to you.

Don’t be afraid to own your power

Fear can often get into our way and block us when we truly want to connect and live from that place. But fear is also the one cause which will convince us of false truths. How you deal with it as it appears is key to your growth. And it will come, from time to time or more often, depending of where you are at in your personal journey. Learning how to transform the energy behind each fear will lead you to the essence.

How quickly and how easily we detach from the personality and identify ourselves with the essence of our soul is the key to stepping into one’s power. And as with everything that we practice here, application and consistency makes all the difference. It is easier said than done! I get you. Yet, how much easier life would get when we’d cultivate that awareness? 

The shift you’ll want to make

Don’t take my word for it. Try it. Learn how to separate from your thoughts and experience your true essence: the silent soul, where confidence lies. You’ll be surprised to see how much growth is available for you there. 

And every time the mind will wander and want you to believe the stories that it tells you, use the tools you have learned to bring you back to the present moment and to what is true to you. 

Using affirmation to remember soul’s true nature

I haven’t been a fan of affirmation for a while but I have been learning how to use them in the favour of my soul and not of my ego. By using ACIM lessons, I could place new thoughts, which I call seeds of truth, and I could learn how to not trust the mind. 

At times the mind will be very convincing, making you let go of the projects you had. In these moments, it is important to surround oneself with a strong supportive network. As a result, I could follow through with my work. Thanks to the people who reminding me of that which I really was, I could show up and own my power.

Action time!

Want to learn how to ignore the mind and discriminate the truth from the false? Get in touch and let’s experiment. Seeing the old patterns, bringing them into awareness and shifting them is all this is about. But we have to have a steady and safe playground where to explore these beliefs. Many times, doing it on our own can be a bit tricky.

In addition, you can download my workbook on working on your fears and apply those techniques to get your out of the fear spiral. Learn to lean on your supportive network and become a cheerleader of your true nature yourself. By applying those methods you will be able to transform your life and to follow through with your visions and values.

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