When do you know you need a coach?

Finding a productivity coach (or any coach for that matter) can be a very personal experience. It can be daunting at times and also risky. Sharing with someone your weaknesses is not always easy, this is why it takes time for you to find the right person. 

Despite this, if you feel you need a coach, don’t stop looking for one. Keep doing your research and look for someone who has the characteristics you need

But how do you know you need a productivity coach? 

A productivity coach will help you cut through the mess and go straight to the main aspects that need improving. They will usually listen to your problems and guide you into finding your own solutions, giving you also the tools you need to create the systems that will support your growth. 

Thinking we need to do it all alone is not the key to success. Bringing on your team of people that can support you and actually help you find solutions can be very empowering. All the opposite of what you might think (aka I should do it all on my own). 

What will you need help with? 

Knowing what will you need help with is very important. But saying that, not knowing is also an answer. Many times we want to know and have all the answers. Going into a session with a coach without knowing exactly what you are looking for can be the key to unlocking some unknown territories. Let yourself be guided by your coach in finding what you want to explore during the sessions. 

What you will receive? 

A productivity coach will help you with finding out what your value system is, what your priorities are and balance your commitments. He/she will help you with building systems around the commitments you have, find space in your diary for the meaningful relationships and hobbies you have while still feeling productive and fulfilled in your day job. 

The idea of hustling and being productive every single minute of your day can be at times toxic. This is why you need to make sure your coach will take in consideration your down time, the way you take care of yourself and the ability to have white space throughout your calendar. 

What is the outcome of a session with a productivity coach? 

Working with a productivity coach can be very empowering. This is the space where you take out of your day some time to reflect on your bigger picture. It is the time where you can reflect on the things you want to achieve, the things that no longer serve you and the plan that you need to implement for things to happen. A productivity coach will never tell you that you should do a thing instead of another. Gentleness and kindness are essential aspects of coaching, no matter the style. Tough love can work at times, but it is always better to know that you have a compassionate and loving coach. 

3 qualities to look into a coach

The main quality that you are looking into a coach is the ability to listen. If a coach speaks more than you do on any given session, they might not be the right for you. We all know that the answers are within. And what makes a great coach is the ability to listen and to ask questions which will lead the client to finding their own answers. 

The second quality that you are looking into a coach is compassion. Ok, I will add kindness to this as they come hand in hand. You need someone who is loving and kind and can find compassion for you when you don’t show up on time to the sessions, when you don’t do the things you say you will do, when you feel crap and you feel as if the world might end from one day to the other. You need someone who can meet you where you are. 

Third quality that you need to look for in your productivity coach is practicality. Being a very hands-on coaching programme, a productivity coach needs to help you improve your productivity (duh!). I know, it can sound slightly redundant, but it still needs to happen. You can have someone who is caring and loving, listening to your issues but if this person is not helping you to improve your situation, you might need to look somewhere else. It is very important to find someone who will know what they are doing. Look out for reviews and check their background. They will usually have achieved things that are not ordinarily and are people who are curious about life. Look out for their social accounts but don’t judge fully on them. 

When choosing a coach, check three different options. Listen to your intuition and figure out what works best for you. Usually the person that will work the best is the one that triggers something strong in you (either positive or negative, for a matter of fact). 

Tell me, have you had any experience with coaching? If so, would you recommend it to your friends? In case you are looking for one and would like to connect for a 30 min chat, I’m here to support