5 reasons you should take a deep breath right now

take a deep breath

Mindfulness has been one of the words people googled the most in the last couple of years. The world opened up to a new way of living and taking care of their well-being. More and more people are opening up to topics such as yoga, mindfulness, trauma healing.

In this article we will look at the 5 reasons you should take a deep breath right now

Let’s dive straight into it!

Reason #1

By breathing consciously and deeply you bring more oxygen into your body.

Your cells are nurtured and energised by the fresh intake and are renewed with the help of the oxygen. Your brain perceives the incoming flow of oxygen as a signal to relax and your parasympathetic system is activated. While this part of your nervous system works, the other, the sympathetic system will have to pause its work. Given that it is the one in charge of fight or flight, we really want it to have a chill! More oxygen in your body signals the amygdala, responsive fro stress and anxiety, to take a rest, and the overall effect is a more relaxed and calm state of mind. In this state you can take better decisions, see clearly on your next steps and respond to life’s requests.

Reason #2

It brings you back to the present moment. Yet, it’s true. 

Take a deep breath now.

Did you find that the thoughts about past or future disappeared and you could just be here, now? The reason for it is simple. When we take a deep, conscious breath we cannot but be in the present moment. Our mind is quieter and our body is more relaxed (see reason number one for all the chemical aspects!). More oxygen releases endorphins, the happy hormone and the body

Reason #3

The body becomes instantly relaxed and cleansed of all toxicity

As the mind becomes still for even a second, we give a reboot to our body. The stress hormones are balanced out by the intake of oxygen and the body’s muscles are relaxed in an instant. This helps the body to remove the carbon monoxide, the toxic chemical. Breathing is responsible of 70% of our cleansing process, so we’d better be active in it!

Reason #4

Your mind will start generating fresh new ideas

As the old ideas fall from our mind, new and more uplifting ideas come to our mind. What seemed to be a good idea at first, with a deep breath, it seems to be re-evaluated and surrendered. New and fresh ideas will pop into your mind. I usually try and add a mantra or a request when I breathe deeply. It is a way for me to connect to the inner intelligence, or intuition, to help me find truths. It works! Why not give it a try now?

This will support our desire to become more mindful and overall increase our ability to solve problems and to find intuitive and creative solutions. Because life is not about being happy, it is more about finding solutions to problems along the way thanks to creative new ways of thinking.

Reason #5

You become more focused and productive. 

You are able to re-establish your priority list and to engage in things which are meaningful for you. If you have been putting off some activities, with a deep breath you’ll be able to find the strength and do them. Mindful breathing helps you find your centre, focus on what really matters to you and bring you back to the present moment. In this way, you will find the strength to let go of what was bothering you, to take bold actions, or to connect with someone that will help you to find the strength. The power of accountability is essential when it comes to following your vision.

Will you try and breathe deeper today? 

Hopefully by this time you will be convinced that breathing deeply can have a miraculous effect on your body and overall well-being. What can you do today to make deep breathing a habit? Set an alarm that tells you to take a deep breath. Create some cues that will support you in making this a habit. Say, every time you will open a door, you will make a note of taking a deep breath. It will not be long before you will have made this a habit. 

Happy breathing! 

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