The power of setting small goals: 6 questions to find your non-negotiables

setting small goals

In the years I’ve spent dedicating my time to introspection and recovering my inner balance, I’ve been witnessing the power of setting very small achievable goals on a daily basis that I showed up for no matter what. 

Is life too busy?

We all know how important it is to show up for our commitments and to what we say we do when it comes to outside relationships, but what about the things that are meaningful to us, and only us? It is easy to let those things go when “life becomes too big” or the outside world demands too much attention. But not when we realise that in doing that we fail ourselves, again and again.  

Do you mean business in finding the hidden power of setting small goals?

When I realised this and embraced my willingness to commit to the process of surrendering and giving my all to the present moment, I was ready to show to my life that I meant business. I was tired of getting lost in my mental stories and feelings of overwhelm and outside distractions. 

I needed to find a way of centring myself always back to the present moment and let go of living in the past or the future. 

Do you want to live with intention?

I’ve always been very ambitious, at times maybe way too ambitious, setting big goals and, as a result, setting myself for a failure, a breakdown or a meltdown. You name it, but I’m sure you’ve got the gist! The pivotal moment has been when I committed to surrendering my life to a Power that was beyond my mental understanding for which I was willing to show up every day to the best of my abilities with the goal of nurturing this relationship. 

writing down your small goals is essential. Answer these questions to find your non-negotiables.

How do you choose the small goals to commit to?

I’ve tried for many years to meditate but I could not show up for it with consistency. My mind would get bored quickly and look for the new thing that will solve all my problems.

Showing up in meditation to this Power meant that my commitment was set in stones. Be it a 2 minutes, or 15 or 30, the length did not matter. All it was required from me was to show up and to make space for this relationship in my life. As a matter of fact, it became the most important relationship. By setting this small goal and keeping my focus on it, I would end up each day with a win! I showed up to my practice. It did something weird to my brain as well, because I had a new found power, a new confidence that was not coming from my ego. 

Now it’s your turn!

Time to put into practice and find the power of setting small goals yourself!

Take a piece of paper and answer these questions:

  • Which activity did I try in the past that made a HUGE difference in my overall wellbeing?
  • Why showing up on a daily basis to this activity is the most important thing?
  • Could I embed that in my daily life as a way of showing myself respect, love and care? 
  • How much effort does it require from me? 
  • Will I be able to do it even when life gets way “too big”?
  • Where could I introduce this activity in my day?

Cool! Now you have your “minimum” commitment that you are ready to show up for! Put it into your calendar, share it with a friend and let life know that you mean business! 

From clarity comes power. 

If you are still unsure what that one thing is, the one that will change your life forever, do get in touch. I will be happy to guide you through the process I use to gain clarity and find the power to commit, say no to other distractions and let go of the outcome. There is power within that awaits to be awakened. Don’t postpone the process anymore, the day you awake to it can be today. 

Share this article with your friends, family, community and, most of all, with your accountability buddy! It will help to have someone on the board! Trust me!

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