The power of free writing

free writing

What is free writing?

In the last 7 years, I filled pages and pages of free writing as a way of getting in touch with that part of myself which is hidden by endless, mundane thoughts. 7 years ago, I craved to go deeper to find my own truth. I didn’t want to follow the path that was familiar to me anymore.

Free writing helped me to find my way back to Self and to discover what was true to me. But mostly, what my soul was yearning for.

Becoming productive and getting things done has its place in a world where I know what I want. Not knowing what my unique path was created confusion, an attitude of reaction to life rather than living with intention

So I chose an intention. The path is not an easy one because there are no blueprints for it. Unravelling and discovering what I truly wanted to do helped me to realise that a life as I envisioned was possible. I had to find the right people to help me in following through, the right tools to support me in putting into action the vision and a good pen and paper. 

Free writing will give you the answers you need.

… But you have to be courageous enough and know that you can ask. 

Free writing will help you access that part of self which is hidden to your conscious self. But more than anything, free writing helps with liberating you from those things that are fogging your brain. Putting down on paper thoughts and ideas which have been circulating in your mind will help you to make space for fresh and creative outlooks upon problems and situations.

Want to give it a try?

Set your timer for 15 minutes, open a new page and start writing whatever comes to your mind. Start your day with this exercise and you will experience the true benefits of it!

Julia Cameron, author of the book “The artist’s way” swears for its power first thing in the morning, but as long as it happens, you will benefit from it either early in the morning or at any point during your day. 

The idea is to not judge, nor edit anything that comes onto paper.

Just jot down whatever comes to your mind. You could ask a question that you want to find an answer to, just before sitting down or you can freestyle all the way through it and see how it goes or what comes up. 

When you feel comfortable, start extending the time until you get to 30 minutes. During this time you will be able to explore various areas and to find the peace of mind that comes with the exercise. 

Anything that has a positive quality to it, it is good to keep.

Everything that is nasty and self-criticising can be crossed and binned. And there you are! You found your way towards free writing. 

You don’t have to be a writer to benefit from the power of free writing. Free writing is accessible to everyone and is the cheapest form of therapy. 

Happy writing! 

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