How to find your priorities

The Priority Matrix: How to Find your Priorities

There is something that has been a stable in my life for a long while now when it comes to productivity, and that is the priority matrix.  But what do I mean when I say that? Well, we have many things to do, a to-do list which gets bigger and bigger with every single day … The Priority Matrix: How to Find your Priorities Read More »

When do you know you need a coach?

Finding a productivity coach (or any coach for that matter) can be a very personal experience. It can be daunting at times and also risky. Sharing with someone your weaknesses is not always easy, this is why it takes time for you to find the right person.  Despite this, if you feel you need a coach, … When do you know you need a coach? Read More »

Applied minimalism for productivity

In this space we talk about productivity as a way of living life with intention. Today, I thought we could chat about one of those buzz words that you hear everywhere but maybe don’t really know how can be applied to your life: minimalism.  After the successful movie Minimalism was launched, everyone in the sphere … Applied minimalism for productivity Read More »
building systems that work

Building systems that work

I’ve had recent chats with entrepreneurs who struggle keeping up with everything that needs doing to run a successful business. The many tasks required to keep it all up don’t have to make anyone’s life a busy mess.   I have been playing with tools such as Trello and Things for a while now, but … Building systems that work Read More »

Do anything: the 5 minutes rule

If you don’t read this blog post til the end, I want you to take this with you:  “You can do anything for 5 minutes”.  Do I need to say anything else? Yes, there are studies and there are reasons behind, but the bottom line is, whenever you find yourself procrastinating and unwilling to do … Do anything: the 5 minutes rule Read More »
Mindfulness for productivity

Mindfulness for productivity

The definition of mindfulness is the ability to stay in the present moment with whatever type of experience, emotion or sensation you might experience.  When applied to the various areas of our lives, this simple exercise can lead to a more conscious and fulfilling life.  Mindfulness is not only for the monk who decides to … Mindfulness for productivity Read More »